We are Providing Bunkering & lubricants services worldwide

At WB SUPPLY we are committed to understanding the unique needs and expectations of our customers. We strive for excellence and to consistently deliver a service that is reliable, transparent and trustworthy.

Reliable product quality

Through our global network of suppliers, we are able to provide high quality services.

Tailor-made solutions

We know the clients’ requirements and offer tailor made and satisfactory solutions.

Competitive and Affordable prices

Our professional team and outstanding network allow us to provide reasonable prices.

Full technical support

We provide full technical support, regular sampling analysis, flexibility that customers need.



We cooperate with Majors and with international or local independent suppliers, all strictly selected to grant excellent standards in terms of product and service. Scrupulous care of each phase of the bunkering process and coordination of on-site physical operations ensure bunkering is performed without any waste of time. 


Marine Lubricants

Cooperation with all the major producers of lubricants and state-owned oil companies worldwide enables us to supply any kind and grade of Marine Lubricating Oil.  Our customers have the possibility to choose a contract offer, or a spot price: service is always available at the best market conditions and with the highest delivery flexibility.

sustainable technology for your Projects

We’ve created a supply network thanks to a well-established cooperation with bunker suppliers and traders. This is the guarantee of a reliable round-the-world service, 24/7.
Our quickness in answering is functional to global-market needs, and ensure the confidence and peace of mind necessary for our clients’ business development.


Health, Safety and environmental Policy

  • The company has a vessel inspector, which is regularly visiting the vessels to check the equipment and vessel
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden on all of our vessels
  • The crew is instructed to wear their personally allotted safety jacket. The jackets are according to the European Standard or to the Standard of the high-sea navigation and will be serviced according to the service interval of the producer
  • Escape and rescue plans are placed on each vessel, where all important information are remarked: entrance / exit, escape, positions of fire-extinguisher and safety jackets
  • We have installed more fire-extinguisher than requested by the low, they will be regularly checked according to the law (latest each 2nd year, on Hungarian vessels each year)
  • Safety buoy and long boats for each vessels
  • First Aid Kits according to norm Z1020 are available on all vessels
  • Multilingual instructions were handed over to our crews how to act in case of special situations like:

Man overboard / fire alert / water penetration / collision / grounding /  prevention environmental pollution

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